Tangible interpretations bring new life to the site

Based on input from heritage experts and heritage associations, we drew a new future scenario for the giant coal washes 1 and 3. This vision eventually resulted in a design, with re-NATURE as the guiding principle, giving the building a new and unique interpretation.

Rail Park

The rail park consists of several trails that reconnect the already existing rail lines in Wood Park to the rail lines in the concrete floor of the coal laundry. These parallel paths form the backbone of the park. They cut through a natural landscape that has a strong variation in use and vegetation. Open, recreational grassy areas are interspersed with robust and more closed green massifs.

Ontwerp zonder titel-4
Reference for bike path
Different infills between tracks

Ground floor

The existing floor of the coal laundry includes a large, open plain with all rail lines as parallel line structures. On the open floor is a grid of columns that supports the entire building.

Powder-coated steel staircase with industrial detail
Cracked open concrete floor with planting

be-NATURE core with experience staircase and viewpoint

Selective purging of building and equipment takes place in the underlying core of the coal laundry. By opening the center core, the underlying mass receives more light and oxygen. This is not just about the center core per se, but especially about the building sections of coal washes 1 and 3 to be repurposed that can enjoy additional daylight as a result of this extraction. The preservation of the highest supply point (the “chapel tower”) guarantees the preservation of the heritage value, furthermore, all the important links (machines) are also preserved to make the production process of yesteryear readable.

be-NATURE core as a point of attraction
Experience staircase with viewpoint


The design of partial de-pitting, but especially the preservation of large portions of the coal laundry, creates approximately 10,000m² of developable space around the be-NATURE core. We are aiming here for a supra-regional program that will revitalize the entire site.

The reallocations will have to be fully in line with the water and green philosophy of the site as well as the be-NATURE project that breathes nature and water as a basic principle. Taking into account the tourism that the site already has today and the arrival of the supra-regional mining experience center be-MINE PIT, a hotel could be an absolute added value to the site and the wider area. Furthermore, there is room for a multi-purpose, unique cascading space where possibilities include temporary exhibitions and supra-regional events.