be-NATURE makes SDGs flourish

The United Nations adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015. They form the basis for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. NV be-MINE is fully convinced of this sustainable approach. You will find proof of this at the Beringen mine site: be-MINE is an ideal testing ground to put sustainable goals into practice. And this is done in five ways. 

1. Local plant growth

Miners used spruce to shore up the corridors in the former mine. But the spruce forests were planted and are non-local. We are currently replacing them with local varieties. This way, indigenous nature gets the chance to grow and flourish again.

2. Less paving

For the industrial activities, one needed a solid foundation. But that paving is superfluous for the interpretation of be-MINE. Softening the site gives rainwater the chance to soak into the ground. This will help to prevent scorching and flooding.

3. Reuse of water

A colossal building has… an impressive roof. And that large surface area provides a considerable ‘water yield’. Instead of sending all that precipitation to the sewers, we have built reservoirs. We reuse the collected rainwater in various places.

4. Healthier parking policy

The time when the car was king is fortunately behind us. Everyone knows that a short walk is okay. That’s why we provide enough parking spaces and advocate with governments for a maximum parking standard, with parking facilities located slightly further away from the building. This makes the environment at and around the entrance safer and more pleasant.

5. New local employment

To achieve all the goals, we need motivated colleagues. The SDGs create new jobs. In this way, be-MINE stimulates local employment, and the sustainable vision is in the spotlight. This is how we build tomorrow together.